DisLove Podcast with Vanessa and Kris

DisLove E86 Quick Service Breakfast and Jackie with Little Lily & Co

August 05, 2021 Vanessa Ferguson and Kris Johns with guest Jackie Season 3 Episode 86
DisLove Podcast with Vanessa and Kris
DisLove E86 Quick Service Breakfast and Jackie with Little Lily & Co
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In this episode, Kris and Vanessa talk with Jackie from Little Lily & Co.   Her shop features amazing doormats and signs.

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Earlier in the show, Kris and Vanessa talk about the best places to get a quick service breakfast on property.

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Vanessa F  0:05  
Welcome to the Dislove podcast with Vanessa and Kris. I'm Vanessa Ferguson and I'm Kris Johns, we would like to welcome you to show number 86. And for any of our listeners joining us for the first time, our show features things we love at Disney and in each episode, we have a guest who creates Disney magic for our listeners at home, or on their Disney vacations. from vacation planners to product producers, our guests can bring Disney Magic into your life. And as a reminder to our listeners, we appreciate if you can take time to leave us a review on Apple podcasts or any other platform where you listen from leaving those five star reviews to those customer ratings. Those all help new listeners find the show. So before we get started today, Kris, you have a few things to share with our listeners.

Kris Johns  0:48  
I sure do. You know the one thing that Vanessa loves to do as well as is to save money. And when you go to Disney, you're definitely not doing that. But even though while you enjoy Disney during the day, you have to have someplace to sleep at night. And so we have our friends over at Orlando vacation calm, they create a special code just for you to receive 5% off use the code does love di s L O V E to say 5%. And what's great is, you know we have a small family, there's just three of us. They have a place I have friends that have I can't even count how many kids they have. They need a big McMansion, they have a place for them. And so what's great about Orlando vacation calm is that they're going to do two things, they're going to put you in an awesome property at a great price is even better is using that code, you're gonna say 5% more because you know, if you're going to Disney, you need to budget every dollar and they're going to help you save money when for you to spend the night in Orlando. So with that, again, Orlando vacation.com We're so thankful that they're with us and remember to use that code does love.

Vanessa F  1:48  
And we also have a special code from our guest today Jackie from Little Lily and co she makes custom jewelry, key fobs, eerie ears and much more. And Kris, what has Jackie done for our listeners,

Kris Johns  2:00  
she created a special code dislove15 just for you to receive 15% off at her shop. So that means you can get 15% more Disney magic for your dollar. And again, that code is di s L O V E one five to receive 15% off. Go see Jackie, she has awesome skills. She has something that you want, go buy it.

Vanessa F  2:20  
Yes. And I will make sure to for both of those promo codes in the show notes. And we're excited to be sharing about Jackie's business here later in the show. Now, again, we talk about food a lot on this show. Is that not true? Kris so true. So today we are going to be talking about quick service options at the parks. And we are going to we're preparing to go down for the 50th anniversary. And one of the things that unfortunately that means we're not usually rope drop early morning people and we are not

Kris Johns  2:49  
no we are we will close the park down but we will not open it up.

Vanessa F  2:53  
So but one of the things going during the big celebration is we probably are going to have to have a few earlier mornings. And we're used to so I wanted to check out what were some of those quick service options that you could have at the resorts as well as at the parks. And one thing that I am going to be skipping over I know some of the Starbucks locations and even the Joffrey is have some special items. But most people are familiar with what you could get at the Starbucks location. So we kind of skipped those over I know like trolly cafe and Hollywood Studios has some specialty pastries and different things like that Main Street bakery, you can get some specialty things. But we've tried to stick to the more unique ones. And we are recording this, this is going live in August or 2021. So there are still some great spots that aren't open yet hoping some of those will continue to open in the coming months. So we're just going to stick with what's open right now. And what's not Starbucks. Perfect. So we're gonna start with the resorts this time. I know usually we start with the parks, but we're gonna start with the resorts. And some of these are great because they're actually on your way to the park. So even if you're not staying at those resorts, it's a great opportunity to grab a quick bite to eat before you go into the parks. And of course right now we're hearing that the dining plan is coming back soon. But as of recording the dining plan isn't back yet. Some of these offerings that we're going to talk about would be things that you could use for a quick service meal, or some of the items are even small enough that you can use for snack credit when that does return. Now starting off over near the Epcot resort area is an app boardwalk. And one of the nice things is now that even if you're not staying at boardwalk with the skyliner, which we love the skyliner sure do. Like if you were coming over from pop century or Caribbean beach or something you could walk over from the skyliner station to get breakfast at the boardwalk bakery. So the boardwalk bakery has some really awesome things. Now they have we've gotten pastries there In fact, one of the nice things is we've gone the night before and gotten some items like they have a really good Apple crumb cake and different things that we've gotten to be able to have for breakfast the next day. We took those back to our rooms. We actually Seeing at the dolphin the one time we did that, but if you want a hot breakfast they have some nice things they have in this varies. I found that when you look at the menu from every few months it will vary some but of course they have all those pastries, they have nice doughnuts, parfaits, but they will also have, they have bagel sandwiches. Typically, they have one that sounds really great. It's with a brioche bread and it has shaved ham and scrambled eggs and a nice cheese spread. They also periodically will have Mickey frittatas, they also have biscuits and gravy. So they have kind of a wide range of things that you can get. And of course, I mean, everybody loves to have a pastry in the morning load up on those carbs when you'll be walking all those miles got to get those calories. Yeah, so that is a nice option whether you're sitting at one of the Epcot resorts or if you just walk over from the skyliner. Now another will say on the skyliner for right now, a little bit further, a couple stops back at Caribbean beach, the Centertown market. And this is one of the few moderate resorts we've not stayed out yet. But I think now that it's on the skyliner that might change soon. They have kind of a wide range of some more unusual breakfast items. Now right now, a couple of them that are kind of fan favorites. people rave about they have a Cuban breakfast sandwich that has been off the menu recently. Hopefully that comes back but they even have more unique things like avocado toast and this one has a Natalie is it have your traditional have a kado that adds in oranges, pickled onions and a Serato Manet's, which sounds really great. So that's an option over at Caribbean beach. Another one it further down on the skyliner is that Art of Animation and we will be staying there next year for our daughter's birthday Art of Animation in the Little Mermaid rooms. I knew that part. I didn't know where it was.

Yep, so Art of Animation is across from pop century. And that is on the skyline here as well. Their landscape of flavors. Food Court has some really great things and one of the things they're known for is kind of having more bountiful planner platters is that a way to say it bountiful. That would be it has a lot more things on it instead of just getting like eggs and potatoes and sausage. They also include they have one that has the Mickey waffles, which everyone loves to have Mickey waffles for breakfast. And several other resorts including Art of Animation are starting to have more plant based items. And some of these sound really great. They have one that's a vegetable saute that has I mean it has tofu as a base but has different beans or rucola onions, roasted red peppers just sound with a triple taste sort of sauce. So it sounds really tasty. So you get a wide array of options there at the landscape of flavors. And so that's kind of nice if you are heading over to the Epcot area. Now we do have one what's ironic is most of these are on the skyliner. But another great option at the resorts is over at the Polynesian and that's at Captain cooks. We've been there for dinner options and we've gotten snacks there. Where does this place at the Polynesian? Were on the first floor near the bathrooms that we have. So we have eaten that's where we get those meatballs that were really good. Yes, sir. But we're not talking about dinner right now. But they have the smaller I guess not really smaller but they have a version of Tonga toast that you would get upstairs at Kona cafe. I don't think you've ever eaten at Kona cafe with me. I don't think so. Yeah, so they have what's called Tonga toast. You know the big banana guy either. I like bananas but not banana flavor. Okay, well this has real bananas and tell me if you'd like this I've had Tanga toast before it's pretty good banana stuff. sourdough bread that's better deep fried and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Kris Johns  8:43  
I would say yes cuz I like banana bread. But I do not like smoothies that have that are like raspberry or strawberry banana.

Vanessa F  8:50  
Oh, you know this is like regular bananas cut up and put Oh yes, yes, definitely. Yes. So Tanga toast is really awesome. And if you can't get a reservation at Kona cafe, or if you just want to spend a little bit less, you can go down to Captain cooks and you can get Tanga toast there. And that comes with a side of bacon or sausage as well. Another thing that a lot of people say is really great there and I've not tried that I have had Tonga toast at Captain cooks and I would say is very comparable to what you get upstairs. They also have a morning flatbread that has a housemaid sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and then it's covered with mozzarella and parmesan cheese with some chives on top. That sounds quite tasty to me. I like to get some different I'm not a huge breakfast person so something a little bit different. And then they have a lot of your traditional Mickey waffles platters things along those lines in going if you are someone who chooses to eat more plant based items, people say that their Powerball is really good their their breakfast Powerbowl at Captain cooks is a great option. So if you are coming from a different resort, you could just hop on the monorail go over to Captain cooks if you're driving you from transportation Ticket center just use the resort monorail and take a stop at the Polynesian it is on the first floor of the resort. So great option whether or not you're looking for that Tonga toast or something a little bit unusual or even if you're Of course, if you're staying at the poly or at Grand Floridian really easy access to go to Captain cooks. Now that kind of rounds out our more unusual options at the resorts. We're now going to move over to talk about some of the better options at the theme parks. And since we're already kind of in the Magic Kingdom area of being at the Polynesian, we're going to move over to Magic Kingdom. Now, one of the places that Kris goes every time and He always talks about what do you always talk about when it comes to snacks at Disney

Kris Johns  10:45  
my ice cream sandwich yet that was made with cookies and cream ice cream, and it's never been replicated again.

Vanessa F  10:52  
Well, to not be angry about the cookie sandwich anymore. You could go to Sleepy Hollow for breakfast instead. So they have some more unusual things I'm sure you've probably saw on Instagram. They're known for their waffle sandwiches which are really great. They have one there is so essentially they take a waffle, they fold it in half and they put stuff in the middle. So they have one that is with fresh fruit. It has strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and then they use a chocolate hazelnut spread. I don't know why they don't just say Nutella, but they use intellia in with the fruit. quite tasty. They also have one that is a more savory breakfast one they have where you can just get the waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. So lots of different options at Sleepy Hollow for breakfast. They have they also do some of those waffle sandwiches that you can get later in the day. They have one with chicken on it. So really great if you're wanting to load up in the morning for breakfast at the Magic Kingdom. Again, we passed on talking about the main street bakery because we kind of all know what's there. Another one that if you're a little bit further into the park is astons Tavern, which we've gone there for for drinks and things along those lines. Yes, we have. And they're they're known for giant cinnamon buns. And they have lots of icing. They're very popular. People stand in line for them for long things. But the problem is, if you have somebody in your party who can't eat cinnamon or who doesn't like cinnamon rolls, guess what? What, that's all that's on the breakfast menu. So you have to like cinnamon rolls and make of Attica Stein's tavern. But they are giant, you could definitely share these, depending on how much you're wanting to fill up for the morning. Now we're going to move over. So those are kind of your two best options at the Magic Kingdom. We're now going to move over to Hollywood Studios. And there's two there. There's one great option that's open right now and that's Woody's lunchbox. So back in Toy Story land. So if you've ran over to get in line for Slinky Dog or for Toy Story mania or something you can head over to Woody's lunchbox and get breakfast. They're known for two of their breakfast bowls, and I've had some of their top features there for dinner, but they also have a breakfast bowl with what's made with their potato barrels. And it has this sounds good Kris so it has potato barrels but let's just say tater tots, tater tots with smoked brisket, country gravy, scrambled eggs, green onions, and it has some cheese on top. Sounds good. Yeah. And a lot of people say to they sometimes will get the kids portion of this because the kids portion has more potato barrels versus some of the other things and you also get a thing of mandarin oranges on the side. So Woody's lunchbox is a great option. Now that kind of rounds out what the best option that's available right now at Hollywood Studios. Again, you have trolley cafe on Main Street with the Starbucks location that would give you some choices as well. But if you move over to animal kingdom you have right now, a couple of the breakfast favorite places are not open at Animal Kingdom just yet. But right now the Yak and Yeti the walk up the quick service not the sit down restaurant. They are known for their breakfast bowls and the sound quite good. They have a variety of ones that you can get with eggs, breakfast potatoes, peppers and onions cheddar cheese, and then you can have bacon or sausage with them. They have a couple of different options for that they have several English muffin sandwiches, and they come with like hashbrown bites so you have pretty hearty breakfast especially if you ran over to go to Everest and you're trying to cut back over to go do something in another part of the park gives you a good choice for breakfast. And again, nice quick in and out. It has outdoor seating but it is covered. So if it's during the summer and some of those hotter times. So those are some things that are great options if you're in Animal Kingdom, and unfortunately in Epcot, the some of the favorites. I think maybe Because of cuts been opening later right now, there's not the breakfast options that people typically would go to. So your sunshine seasons in down in the land. So over by soaring, we eat there for lunch quite a bit, but they're known for breakfast as well. did not know that. Yeah, so and then also like the bakery in France and the bakery in Norway. So those are some options that aren't available right now. Hopefully, as the park continues to expand operating hours and is open more extended time, and doesn't just open at 11. We'll see those breakfast options return at Epcot. So that kind of rounds out all of the different quick service options that are open right now for breakfast gives you some options, whether you're at a resort, going into a park at a park, hopefully this gives you some options of what you might want to do, especially if you have some of those early mornings at the parks in your near future.

Kris Johns  15:50  
This is really important if I say no, because we don't not really big breakfast people in the park and I learned a lot of new things.

Vanessa F  15:56  
Yeah, so hopefully we can maybe try some of these on an upcoming trip or not because we'll just close the park. Right? Well, we are looking forward to getting our interview up with Jackie from Little Lilly and CO and so you can hear all about her business. We would like to welcome Jackie to the show her business little Lily and co offers really cute Disney jewelry. She does embroidery ears and other embroidery like key chains and things and we are looking forward to hearing about her business. So thank you, Jackie, for joining us today. Thank you for having me. Now, of course, we want to hear a little bit about what you like about Disney. So our icebreaker that we've been asking people right now is what is your favorite food at any of the Disney Parks?

Jackie  16:43  
Oh, there's a lot to like, I guess. For sure. Yeah, I I just love churros and dole lips. Those are my favorite. I know those are a lot of people's favorite but those are definitely two things that I like to get every time I go.

Vanessa F  17:01  
No dole whips are definitely my favorite two. I like to get the like dole whip, the ones where they put the pineapple juice on it. Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's like my favorite. And are you a classic churro person or do you like when they have like the special churros? Oh, I like the classic Jurassic. FC stuff. Yeah, sure. Awesome. Now, of course, the reason why we have you on here is we want to hear all about your business. And what are the products you offer connected to Disney?

Jackie  17:34  
Oh, okay. Yes, I, most of my things that I make have some kind of relation to Disney. Just because I can't help it. I gravitate toward it because it's what I like. So I am incorporating Disney into almost everything I make. I do make things that also don't have to do with Disney just because I know people, you know. And also I like things that are Disney sometimes, but not usually. I'm always wearing something that has Disney on it every day. Yeah, so yeah. So I make jewelry that has just little reminders of Disney a little touch of Disney for when you're not. You can't be at the park, right? I mean, I wish I could be there every day. I only live 50 miles from Disneyland. But I can't be there all the time. And the traffic in LA is insane. Right. Right. Yeah. So yeah, so I just make things that just make you feel like you have that little bit of magic with you everyday, you know.

Vanessa F  18:37  
So for sure. And I know one thing that I like is that you're especially like your jewelry designs, like you mentioned, it's subtle, and it's classic. Like you could wear that with if you were going to work you could wear one of your necklaces or your bracelets and it's not like that over the top park where that you might typically wear so that's one of the things that I think is really cool. Yeah,

Jackie  18:58  
thank you. Yeah, I like to just maybe make it a little subtle, like, just like a necklace that has like a bar or the disc that has just maybe like the Mickey ears on it. And so it's just really subtle on it. But if somebody notices it, there'll be like, Wow, that's so cute. Where'd you get? Yeah, just like a little hint not anything obvious or anything

Kris Johns  19:21  
with it, you know, you mentioned about making magic. What inspired you to make magic for others?

Jackie  19:27  
I guess just because I like that. So I've thinking other people do too. And I found there's an entire community of Disney. Yeah, I when I joined Instagram, and I started making these things and most of it just ended up being Disney. I noticed there's an entire community and there's so many people that are all in this circle that all follow each other too. And I started noticing that and I was like wow, okay, I'm definitely not alone. I'm an adult that likes Disney and that's okay. So, yeah, so um, yeah, I just, I, it's what I like. And so I just figured that others might enjoy it too. And I was right. So now How long have you had your business? Um, it's been nine years. Wow. That's awesome. Yeah. And it's just gotten better every year. So. And I just I add new things all the time. So, yeah, it's just, I can't help it. I'm always wanting to just add more and more time. I'll think I'll just think of something that I'm like, Oh, I want to add that. And so then, you know, during those and other things, so I have too many things probably in there. Now.

Vanessa F  20:42  
There's a lot to choose from, I guess. Now that goes into, like, you've touched on this a lot. But what are some of the current products that you have? And I know we talked about it a little bit before we started the show. But what are some of the products that you have in the shop right now in the different designs that you offer? I have

Jackie  20:59  
a lot of like the popular things that I that I have in there are these necklaces that have the Mickey and Minnie ears. And then people like to add birthstones to them. So that's like a really popular one that I have right now. For their for their kids, they'll order like a Mickey and Minnie for daughter and a son. And then they'll just put their birthstones inside of it. So that one is very popular. And I'm trying to think of what else is like super obvious. A lot of the key fobs are really popular right now and make one that says Disneyland on it. And that one is really popular. Oh, nice.

Vanessa F  21:35  
Yeah. With some of your like your jewelry and some of the things that are custom, like you mentioned with the birthstones. If I were wanting to get something as a gift, or for myself, what is kind of the turnaround time for that if I were to order from your shop?

Jackie  21:49  
Right now it's two weeks, because it's just me doing it. So and then I have three kids. Yeah, and my littlest is two and so she's fairly demanding. And from my time, so yeah, so I because it's me only two weeks, and I get I get sales every day in my store. So it's just a lot to keep up with. Yeah, so I'm just upfront two weeks for everybody right now. And then during Christmas, sometimes I have to go further out because it gets so crazy. Most definitely. Yeah,

Vanessa F  22:21  
we hear that from a lot of people. It is hard when it's just you know, we talked a lot about your jewelry and some of the customizations on those. But I know earlier you mentioned about your key fobs and then the embroidery ears. Could you tell us about some of those designs?

Jackie  22:36  
Yeah, I have a haunted mansion, one that has Madame liotta in one ear and then in the other it says hurry back and I have some of the bats but they're they have like little Mickey ears. Oh, yeah. And so that one's been really popular lately. And then I have another one that says returned to Disneyland and returned to Disney World. And then in the other ear, it says Mickey 1928. And it's kind of it kind of is like the Tiffany Yeah, like return to stuff. So it looks like that. But um, but yours. Those are the two that I have. Now. I want to add more. I just haven't had time to add more, but I will be

Vanessa F  23:15  
more design soon. And then you have designs in your key fobs as well.

Jackie  23:19  
Yeah, so I've been adding tons of those lately. I've had the Disneyland sign. One that I have right now. It's been selling a lot lately. And then like stitch one, I'm going to add a symbol one. I have oh my gosh, I'm trying to remember which ones I have. I have been adding a lot of them lately, but the Disneyland sign for sure is the most popular of all of them.

Vanessa F  23:42  
Okay, and now I always have if anybody's listened for a while I have I always ask the gear makers because I have a big head. How do your years there and I know a lot of people complain about like the headbands that you get at the Disney Parks because they're tight on average head sizes. So are your are your ears fairly comfortable? Yes.

Jackie  24:03  
Everybody says that they are they the ones at the park I know are uncomfortable. I've worn them before they're not they pinch your head. I feel like the bad happens to anybody's head with those but yeah, these ones are much more comfortable. People have told me that they can wear them all day and they've had no issues. Yeah, so that that does help. I remembered I did make my friend a Captain America one too. Because she went to a vendor's campus when it opened and very Yeah. And she she gave me feedback that day on them and she said they were awesome. So

Vanessa F  24:39  
no uncomfortable. No Do you do custom requests like that? if somebody wanted it so somebody could contact your shop for that?

Jackie  24:46  
Yes, yes. If you have an idea and you don't see it in there and definitely asked me I can probably make it happen most likely I will make it happen. Same with the jewelry is the same way. So if there's something you have an idea, just If you don't see it, I most likely I'll be able to make it happen also, so, yeah, with that, you know, you

Kris Johns  25:06  
mentioned all these awesome designs where can people go online to find them so

Jackie  25:10  
they can buy them. They can go to my website, little Lilly and co.com it also will redirect you to my Etsy store. So on Etsy m little elanco also, um, and yeah, and you can actually go from my Instagram page, you can, it'll redirect you to my Etsy so even you can shop from my Instagram page as

Vanessa F  25:32  
well. We'll make sure I'll put all of those links in the show notes. And I know we're really excited to share your designs we with the embroidery and the jewelry, it's you really have some unique items. And I think our listeners are going to love them a lot. So thank you so much for taking time to share your story with us. Thank you so much for having me on. So nice. Thank you.

Kris Johns  25:54  
Thank you again to Jackie for giving us an awesome coupon code of does love 15 D is l o v one, five to say 50% of her her Etsy store. Thank you so much, Jackie.

All right, and we are on to our two minute trivia and our wisdom from Walt quote Kris, you are up. Okay. You know, we've been talking about breakfast and it ohana. Yeah, they serve breakfast. That's true. I did not know that. You've heard of what? These are gonna be all about ohana. Okay, breakfast. Okay. What character has their own waffle? And ohana.

Vanessa F  26:31  
Maybe stitch? You are correct. I was just wondering cuz I know stitches there. But I didn't know he had a waffle

Kris Johns  26:37  
stitch has a waffle. Wow. And then again, this was correct as of 2020. But what kind of sticky bread is available to breakfast? diners. I'll give you a hint. It's made up of two. We went to Hawaii. Right. And it's made up of two fruit that were on Hawaii. So probably pineapple is correct. Is it macadamia nut? No, that's not a fruit though. You said fruit? Yes. One more guess. Oh. What's the orange fruit? No, not orange. But mango. Mango. Wrong. Coconut. I don't know if coconuts are in Hawaii, I guess. But they make a coconut pineapple sticky bread. That sounds good. Yes, it does.

Vanessa F  27:25  
All right. Very interesting. We are going to end with our wisdom from Walt quote. And I thought this was good. Especially considering everything everyone's gone through over the last year and a half. It says never get bored or cynical. Yesterday is a thing of the past. And I think it's just looking forward towards the future, and what those new things might be on the horizon. So thank you so much for joining us on this episode of The dislove podcast with Vanessa and Kris. I'm Vanessa and I'm Kris.

Kris Johns  28:01  
This podcast is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its holdings and it is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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