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DisLove E56 Traveling with a Toddler and Kelci from Hunter + Gray

October 29, 2020 Vanessa Ferguson and Kris Johns with Guest Kelci Cabana Season 3 Episode 56
DisLove Podcast with Vanessa and Kris
DisLove E56 Traveling with a Toddler and Kelci from Hunter + Gray
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In this episode, Kris and Vanessa share tips for traveling with a toddler to Walt Disney World.  Later in the episode, they are joined by Kelci from Hunter + Gray VIP Facebook Group that features enchanted wand accessories for the little ones in your life.  As her Instagram bio says, she is a Mrs. & a mama with big Disney dreams!

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Vanessa Ferguson  0:03  
Welcome to the DisLove podcast with Vanessa and Kris. I'm Vanessa Ferguson. And I'm Kris Johns, we would like to welcome you to show number 56. And for any listeners joining us for the first time, our show features things we love at Disney and in each episode, we have a guest who creates Disney magic for our listeners at home, or on their Disney vacations. from vacation planners, to product producers, our guests can bring Disney Magic into your life. And as a reminder to our listeners, we appreciate if you take time to leave us a review on Apple podcasts or any other platform where you listen, we always give listeners a shout out who have written a review for us on future episodes of the DisLove podcast. And then of course, for any of you that leave us like those five star customer ratings, we greatly appreciate those to all of these reviews help future listeners find us. So thank you so much for helping us on that. Now, on today's show, we are going to be joined by Kelsey from Hunter and Gray. Her shop features lots of fun wants to add magic to you and your little ones lives, whether it be at home for costumes or dress up or at the parks. And one thing that I thought was a lot of fun. her Instagram bio says she's a Mrs and a mama with big Disney dreams. And we're super excited to have her on the show later today. And Kris, what did Kelsey do for our listeners, she did something awesome. She's

Kris Johns  1:21  
given every listener who uses the code does love 10% off every order at her store.

Vanessa Ferguson  1:28  
Yes, so I will make sure to put that in our show notes so you can see it and use it on your future orders. And we'll also put a link to her VIP Facebook group where she puts launches for all of her new products as well. Now in today's episode, before we get to talk to Kelsey, we're going to talk about we've had other episodes where we've reviewed childcare services. And we've had some other ones where we've talked about some tips for traveling with kids. In terms of ride swap and different things. Well, we're going to kind of do a recap of just traveling with a toddler. And this was the first time that we went to Walt Disney World with a little one with us in when we were in March, we learned some things that we're hoping to be able to share some tips with you and update some of the information from our past episodes where we've talked about similar things, and really how to make your trip in vacation at Walt Disney World a little less stressful if you have a small child with you. Now I should give a few caveats to the to this discussion. Number one, of course, our daughter is a toddler. So we're not giving any tips for infants that's out of our realm of knowledge. Another thing is that our daughter sleeps it and she is not a morning person. So if you're a get there right at the beginning of the park opening, that didn't work for us. So we stayed out later in the evenings and went to the parks a little bit later as well. And another thing is she's at the age sheet it was right before her third birthday. So she was at the age where she wasn't taking long naps. So we didn't have to take breaks in the day to go back to the resorts for a long nap or anything. So we're going to just kind of give some tips of things that we learned while we were on the trip and hopefully give you some information about some of the different perks that are available and the things that can help make your trip with a little one a little easier. Now first off one of the most obvious things and I think one of the places that should become your friend while you're you should get to know well while you're on your Disney trips are the business Baby Care Centers. Now these are in all of the theme parks and what did you think I thought the baby care centers were well set up.

Kris Johns  3:33  
Oh, well set up clean. I mean, air conditioned a very nice respite when your child needs some time away from the hustle and bustle the park?

Vanessa Ferguson  3:41  
Yes, for sure. And so they have lots of different features. So they have private nursing rooms with rocking chairs if you have really little ones. Of course we didn't need that. But they do have spaces, they have changing rooms with tables, they have restrooms in there. And they also have like a little kitchenette area where you can feed your little ones with high chairs. They have a kitchen that has like well a kitchenette sort of thing where there's a microwave and a sink. We spent time because our daughter's a little bit older. They have a main room that has a TV and some seating and stuff. So what we would often do is we would go in there with her stroller and let her kind of take a rest. You can also buy all kinds of if you forgot something or run out of something. They have things like formula baby food, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, every kind of over the counter medication you can think of so really, if something happens and you lose something, you forget something you run out of something, you can pretty much pick it up there. And these are all for the theme parks and they're open during regular Park hours. It's no additional cost to use the services there. And Kris, do you want to talk about where they're, they're all located for

Kris Johns  4:49  
sure. And again, right now the big ones across the theme parks, there's four centers. The first one in Magic Kingdom is between Casey's in the Crystal Palace so not very far from the main entrance. In Epcot, it's near test track and showcase in the Odyssey, and animal kingdom, it's left to the tree of life before the bridge into Africa.

Vanessa Ferguson  5:10  
And I think that's the one we didn't visit. We were we did Hollywood studios, and Epcot and Magic Kingdom, I don't think we made it to animal kingdom,

Kris Johns  5:17  
you are correct. And then at Disney Hollywood studios, it's in the guest relations near the front of the park. So again, very close to the front, which I guess is a blessing where if you're doing the transportation in and there's an issue, or before you make your way home.

Vanessa Ferguson  5:30  
Yes. And I think the good thing is with the Epcot one because Epcot is the largest Park, it's kind of centrally located in the middle, right between world showcase and future world, which is nice. And then like Kris mentioned, like Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios, those are a little bit closer to the front. And when you think about those parks are smaller parks anyways. So it's a little bit more easier access, whether you're going or coming, or you just need a break in the middle of the day. So these are really great facilities. I will say, as I mentioned, our daughter's not at the age where she needs to take a three hour nap in the middle of the day. But she does snooze and take short cat naps, I would say like, like 45 minutes here or there. And so what we were able to do with these Baby Care Centers is she would fall asleep in the stroller. We go realer over there. And we'd sit like Chris mentioned in the air conditioning. So if you're there at a hotter time of year, can cool off, they had seating areas. So we were able to sit we just kept her in the stroller, let her nap. And then when she was ready to go, we could change her and get cleaned up and everything right there before we headed back out into the parks. So that was very helpful. These are great facilities, even if you're a little one just needs a break from the heat of the day, it's a nice spot to kind of chill out and relax. When we were there in March of 2020. They were doing some renovations at the Magic Kingdom one. So I anticipate that we'll have some updates as well. here very soon. It's just a great space to be able to go and relax. It almost reminds me on the opposite end on the adult level you have like the passholders lounges and the DVC lounges that they've had in the past, Chase, the chase Disney card and lounges just kind of a space for little ones to kind of have that similar rest and respite from the parks. Now of course, when you are taking a little one, no matter if they're small or a little bit older, even kids beyond that toddler age, you might be considering strollers and having them with you. We personally at home have a very compact stroller. It's a European model that's designed to go like in the overhead bin when you travel and fly. It folds up very nicely. But we decided when we were going to Disney that we wanted to be able to load it down a bit I would say oh Exactly,

Kris Johns  7:47  

Vanessa Ferguson  7:48  
So from backpacks to having heard extra snacks, and toys, and diaper bag and all of that sort of thing to also just hold in our cameras. I will say this was the first time that I was able to walk through the parks without being weighed down by stuff. So we decided to rent a stroller. Now of course, you have several different options. You can rent strollers from the theme parks. I'm going to talk about those and then I'll talk about what we did personally. So at the theme parks, here's the here's the one thing that you need to keep in mind, they're first come first serve. So if you get there a little bit later, like how we traveled with our daughter, you might be out of luck, they might be gone for the day. And these are very hard plastic. I've not personally like touched one I don't know if they hold heat. I'm guessing they don't but they're just not very mobile friendly. I would say like you can't push them in a small space, they don't recline, they don't have very good shade. But if you are in a jam, I'm sure you could probably use that. The other thing is that these have to stay in whatever park that you rent them in. So if you run a Magic Kingdom it's only for use at Magic Kingdom if you run it at Epcot, only at Epcot. So you can't use it between parks, you can't take it on Disney transportation, you can't take it back to your resort, etc. So what we found in what we decided to do was to do a stroller rental. Now we've had we actually had a vendor on last year, in a sense are no longer providing strollers, but what we ended up the one that we went with this time and there are other ones out there, we just happen to go with magic strollers because they are a Disney featured stroller provider. So what this means is that they can deliver it right to your resort to the luggage area where up at the front of your resort so you can pick it up. And when you arrive, you can have a scheduled time for it to be there. And then when you leave, they can also pick it up. So that is very helpful. There are so that's something you want to keep in mind when you're looking at stroller rental companies. certain ones are going to be featured providers that are allowed to be able to deliver those strollers to Disney and others will be ones where you would have to schedule a time and say okay, I'm meeting you At 10 o'clock in the lobby of my hotel or whoever that may work, so do your homework. Look at it. I know I've heard of other good experiences with buenavista Runnels, a couple other ones as well. We just happen to use magic strollers for our trip. Now, if you do have your own vehicle, if you've rented a car, if you pick your up your stroller from them, rather than having them deliver it, you do get a 25% discount. So that's something to keep in mind. But one of the things that you want to think about with a stroller is, as I mentioned, our personal stroller is very compact, they can fold up really quickly, these strollers fold up, but Kris was kind of the one in charge. What would you say getting on and off, like the buses and stuff? Was it very easy with a stroller?

Kris Johns  10:43  
I think so. Because I mean, there's just a lot of folks who are already in that position. And so in regards to you know, maybe consideration goes to older folks, folks with small kids. It's cumbersome. I think, regardless, they're not easy to get on and off of anything. Sure. But all things considered as crowded as Disney is, it really wasn't? Exactly, you're

Vanessa Ferguson  11:01  
correct. Now the one thing that we did find that was really nice is we stayed at pop century. So of course that is the skyliner Resort in what do you what do you think was the biggest benefit with that with the stroller on the skyliner?

Kris Johns  11:15  
Oh, I think you just could easily compact it down and then slide right on.

Vanessa Ferguson  11:19  
Yeah, so you didn't have to fold it down. So you were able to keep your backpacks when everything on it. You didn't have to fold it down. Unlike if you get on the bus transportation, you do have to fold it down. Of course, if you're on any of the monorails You don't have to fold it down either. So keeping in mind what parks are spending your most time at, you might want to consider either being at a monorail resort where Oh, I can wheel right on and go to not have to fold up or skyliner Resort because same thing. So when we would go to Hollywood Studios or to Epcot, we didn't have to worry about folding down the stroller, which was a time saver. And then, of course, you just want to think about what's going to be best for your family in terms of logistics with that.

So that kind of wraps up thinking about strollers, whether you're going to get something right in the park, or if you're going to rent one or just bring one from home as well, I would highly suggest I'll put some links. There's a couple of our vendors we had on that make stroller tags that are super cute. I know we had a stroller tag. So when you come out and there's a sea of strollers that all look the same, you can spot yours very quickly. So I'll put a link to a couple of those vendors as well in our show notes. There's just a couple more tips we want to talk about that we learned from our experience. Now one thing we talk about a lot on the show, what do we talk about a lot on the show eating, eating. So we of course, when we were there, we were on the dining plan. Of course, we know that temporary, temporarily suspended right now. But even with it suspended, this tip would still apply. So we went right before our daughter's third birthday, I actually would highly recommend that. There's no cost to take a little one under the age of three, and she had a blast, she enjoyed all the aspects of the park. But when it comes to food, one of the nice things is in the future, when they hopefully bring the dining plan black or even right now. They eat for free at most locations. So if you go to a location that in the past might have been a buffet, but now his family style. So there's a lot of the restaurants that are family style, there's no cost for that little one to eat with you. And then of course, there's no cost to add them to like a dining plan or things when that's available. So we try to schedule we did a lot of restaurants where it was family style. Or of course, if we have buffets ever again, that sort of thing, because then she was able to eat and there was no added cost. There was a couple of times we went to restaurants where we ordered things for her, but they didn't end up charging us I don't know if that was just a fluke, or how that would work. But one of the big tips to save money is of course to just consider where you're eating, maybe eat at quick service options that have extra things that you can share with your little one. So those are some things that we really found was helpful for the meals and a big cost saver was being able to go to those restaurants with a family style. And then also in terms of meals. Our last podcast was about character meals that are starting to be offered again in different capacities. We went to a lot of character meals in March, didn't we? Yeah, so we went to quite a few because it's a great time saver to be able to see the characters and get those photos without having to stand in line. We know those experiences are a little different now but it still would apply. You could still go to garden grill and get photos with Mickey and Donald or you might go to bellinis and get some pictures where you have the Fab Four where you can get nice photos with them too. So you are able to get that character interaction right away and for little ones who might not want to be patient to stand in a longer line for character, you can have them come right to the, to the throughout the restaurant, which is very helpful. So those are a few tips from meals. And then last but not least, I'd like to talk about rides and how you can manage that with small ones with you. Of course, you might bring someone along who maybe doesn't want to ride certain rides, and you can just do child swap with them where they're sitting on a bench, whatever it might be while you're going to do some rides. But one of the nice things that Disney has is a rider switch program. And so how this works, and we did this a couple of times, more specifically, I remember doing a test track. Do you remember doing the Ryder swap at test structure? Yes. So how this works is at the main entrance of attraction, you will let the cast member know that you're wanting to do the rider switch program. And typically, depending on the ride, they will either have you stand in the regular line. And then when you get up to load the load area, one person would go on so Kris would go on, I would wait with our daughter, then he would get off and then I would get on and he would wait with our daughter. In the case of test track. How they had us do is they had us go through the exit of the ride. So we came back in the backside of the ride. They took my husband through did for test track did you have to go through the single rider line how they had that word? I think I did. I

Kris Johns  16:24  
don't really remember I just know that it wasn't straight on. Right. So

Vanessa Ferguson  16:30  
he waited in line. And then I was able to be at the end with our daughter. And as soon as he got finally got on the ride wrote it, then he was able to come over and then they just let him switch with me. So we didn't both have to stand in line with her. So that's nice. You have to have one of the things is that everyone has to be present. So it couldn't be like, oh, our daughter and I went shopping while Kris was in line for test track. And then when he was done, he texts me and I run over there No, you both have to be present at the ride. So if there is a bit of a wait, like there was a test track, you're gonna have to wait there, but you're able to both enjoy the attraction and not double the weight. So it wasn't like Oh, he got off in the night had to go back in the long line, we are able to switch right in the loading area. The other thing is that it's important that you have to have two adults. So it can't be Oh, I'm there with my little one. And there's a cast member that's gonna watch my child. No, that's not how it works. You have to have at least two across Oh, yeah, right? No, we did not try that. So you do have to have two adults with you. And it I find that it was very helpful for us we used it a couple of times, I highly suggest that even as you might have kids that are a little bit older that might be apprehensive and not want to do a ride if they're maybe four or five, maybe they're still a little nervous or not reached the height requirement yet for a particular ride. So that is some of the different nuances of the rider switch program. I'm sure there might be some additional changes that Disney will make as there are certain attractions that are closed in that but we found it very helpful. And it is a good time saver especially for those big ticket rides. Now overall, I think we learned that with a Disney trip with a little one if it's your first time going with a small child just learn to kind of relax a little bit go with the flow more. Our daughter is pretty easy going so she had a good time we didn't go in the summer we went in the springtime where the weather was decent. So it wasn't like it was blazing hot and she was sweating all day and really miserable. So consider time of year. Consider your dining options spread those out so that you have good breaks during the day and even in cooler times a year. It's still nice to get out of that Florida sun and have a little bit of a break. utilize the resources that Disney has like the baby care centers, the rider switch program and things like that just to make your trip that much more enjoyable so that you can have a great time with your your child that's with you. And of course if you have a larger group this can apply if you have more than one child This can also hopefully be helpful tips. And it's really just a great way to make give you the best out of that Disney experience and enjoy it with while your child small and kind of see that magic in their eyes as they get to see Disney and experience it through their lens. So hopefully this will all be helpful. I'll include some of those links in our show notes. And give us just a few minutes to get our call up with Kelsey. We'd like to welcome Kelsey to the show her business hunter in gray specializes in all sorts of fun, unique, Disney inspired one she also has great kits that you can get with wings and other accessories for your little one styles. So we are excited to have her on the show. She is a she calls herself a Mrs and a mama with big Disney dream. She's married and has a four year old son and an 18 month old daughter They're really big into adopting animals and they have several rescue dogs, a bunny and a guinea pig. And rescues are big in our house as well. And she always, of course, like all of us loves all things Disney. And she's excited. She's going to be down there for Halloween coming up here very soon, too. So welcome, Kelsey to the show.

Kelci Cabana  20:20  
Thank you so much. I'm excited. Today's a big day. I'm excited to talk to you guys. We just booked our Halloween trip today. So it's a

Vanessa Ferguson  20:26  
big day in the cabana house. Oh, for sure. So that fits in really good too. Of course this year, we're missing some of these things. But what do you do you have a favorite after hours ticketed event in normal years where we'd have the Mickey's not so scary Halloween party or the Christmas party or after hours. Do you have any favorites?

Kelci Cabana  20:45  
I think it's got to be the not so scary party. I mean, our my son, my husband and I actually celebrated our first anniversary at the party with our kids. Oh, we that's when we did our daughter's gender reveal on Main Street. And so it was a really fun day for us. And that just opened my son's eyes to all things Halloween. We were always like a Christmas family before that. Yeah, the Halloween party just made him obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas, and okie Boogie and all that good stuff. So he is definitely that's his definite favorite in our house, which makes us love it even more.

Vanessa Ferguson  21:20  
Oh, for sure. And I think there's something. I mean, Disney just makes it I mean, I'm not even a huge Halloween person either. But going to the Halloween parties and experiencing Halloween at Disney is so much fun. It gets me much more excited than just on a regular year, where you're just.

Kelci Cabana  21:36  
Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I was never into Halloween until you do a Disney Halloween and there's nothing

Vanessa Ferguson  21:40  
like yeah, there's no turning back then.

Kelci Cabana  21:42  
Right? Exactly.

Vanessa Ferguson  21:44  
So of course, we want to hear all about your business. And what are some of the products you offer connected to Disney?

Kelci Cabana  21:50  
Yeah. So I'm really through my love of Disney and just kind of all things magical in general, as a whole. I started a couple months ago, Hunter and gray. And I basically wanted to create something that was magical and fun for kids and something that they you know, could kind of bring the magic home with them. So I started out with just super simple star shaped ones. And ironically, I took my son's like the foam star from his play mat downstairs. Oh, yeah, like the 123 ABC. Yeah, where the star shape came from originally at the very beginning and you know, it's really grown from there I went all kinds of shapes and put Disney you know, Disney inspire things, you know, from a Halloween pumpkin to you know, Sally and jack and all that kind of stuff is super fun. And my favorite is actually doing customs for people, people will reach out, you know, Princess inspired ones to magic costume or something like that. So that's been super fun. I love to kind of get the creative juices flowing and and see what I can create for people to put a smile on their face.

Vanessa Ferguson  23:03  
Now if I were to contact you in do a custom order. What's the turnaround time? Like? How far in advance would I need to reach out.

Kelci Cabana  23:10  
So my standard turnaround time is three to four weeks, but honestly, I've been accommodating all kinds of special requests. If I if something needs to be turned around pretty quickly, then I can typically get it out in you know, a couple days to a week just depending on the supplies that I need. So I definitely want to help people get stuff in time for last minute trips like myself Sure, or anything like that.

Vanessa Ferguson  23:33  
Now, you've mentioned a few of the ones that you've done. What are some like, what are some of the most unique requests that you think that you've had so far are you still

Kelci Cabana  23:42  
I have gotten some good ones. Um, there's one that's on the docket that I haven't made yet, but I am going to create a Melissa sent staff Oh, we're gonna wind and then the Ravens sitting on top with like feathers as the trim. So I really excited for that one, I just had to have someone draw the design for the Cricut to cut the floor. So that one is like truly custom. Like there's some of them that I've had people draw the SVG for, which are pretty cool. So I'm excited to to do that one for sure.

Vanessa Ferguson  24:20  
Awesome. Very cool. You know, with that,

Kris Johns  24:23  
what led you to start your business?

Kelci Cabana  24:26  
Um, so actually, I know that 2020 has been a really weird year but this has been the year that I actually stuck the most to my new year's resolutions which I feel is like, I don't know if that says something about me or not. But I decided that 2020 I was going to find a creative outlet. I love my job. I'm a full time working mother of two and I have a great job that I enjoy but it's more of a desk job. It's not I don't get to get my you know, creative juices flowing very much so I actually started the year doing photography on the side Which was great until you can't see people, right. And I needed something else. And so I'm really I have kind of tossed around a ton of ideas. And at the end of the day, it literally just smacked me in the face that I love Disney so much. I love the magic I love, you know, the playful dress up kind of Yes. And like once once, yes, that's how I started, like, How fun is that? Wow, that is so cool. It just kind of came out of nowhere, honestly.

Vanessa Ferguson  25:30  
Well, I have to say years ago, we we got married at Disney and my bachelorette party was the head the pirate and Princess party back then. And my friend bought us wines. And she looked everywhere. She was trying to find Disney wines back then for all of us. It's just so neat. I've got to get her won, but she would love it. But it would have been perfect back then it just shows how much the Disney community has grown. Because that was 12 years ago, you couldn't find all the unique things like where people like yourself are able to find these great niches.

Kelci Cabana  26:03  
Right? And that's so funny that my bachelorette party was at Disney my wedding wasn't but my Bachelorette. And I cannot imagine the group of 10 year olds I went walking around lawns because I'm sure we would have been very extra with that. Oh, for sure. We're going back to Disney in February. We're doing a big like family trip with other families that we've met through the Disney community. Yes, my daughter does repping for different like bow shops and things. So all of you like we call ourselves the oh geez. You know, we all kind of like men, we're all gonna do a big trip and one of the moms is birthday and she's like, I need a wand. Oh, I've got an ask for all of my drinks. Oh, there

will be so much fun. Awesome. Yes.

Vanessa Ferguson  26:47  
So there really ties into the next question we always like to ask are what are some of the How do you think that your products at Disney magic to our listeners lives?

Kelci Cabana  26:56  
Well, since all of this kind of started while everyone's at home and Disney's clothes I mean, honestly, this this group of moms that I'm referring to we were so close and it was like so nice, because we can all talk about how much we miss Disney together. Yes, it's one crazy right to right. So that that's kind of how it began. I was just talking about it so much. And I wanted something to feel magical when things don't really feel that magical. And so not only can you take it to Disney and I have lots of now that Disney World is open at least I've had lots of customers take pictures in front of the castle and the first one I got I remember crying like I can't believe

Vanessa Ferguson  27:35  
me. Yes, yes.

Kelci Cabana  27:36  
But it's also fun to be at home. Like I have some people who ordered for Halloween because their Halloween is gonna look different this year. Yes, for sure. make that more special. I know people are doing like Halloween baskets and what special touches can you add? Or maybe it's how you tell your kid you're going on a trip or you know, a special birthday wand or whatever it is. And I just think that that's so cool because Disney is not just Disney doesn't just live in one particular. Yes. nosey, that magic that pixie dust and kind of sprinkle it throughout your life? For sure. And as cheesy as that sounds to someone who doesn't get Disney magic. I think everyone listening probably 100 Oh, for sure.

Vanessa Ferguson  28:13  
Yes, for sure. And it is so amazing to see that you're not the first shop that we've talked to that has started this year. And really, I think a lot of that grew out of so many people missing those things that you talked about. And I'm in a lot of Disney groups that are of other couples that got married at Disney and same thing we would have these discussions about how much we miss planning our next Disney trip or going to the parks and stuff and it's definitely something that our community all recognizes that outsiders are like this is what you miss like all of these things going on and you miss Disney but it is nice to be able to have that community out there to connect with other people who love Disney as much as we do

Kelci Cabana  28:55  
100% It's so it makes you feel you know because I'm sure that everyone listening is like the crazy person in their group of friends that you know you go to when you need help planning a trip or having right or whatever. So finding other people who are on the same level as you there's comfort in in you know in groups like that? Yes, for sure.

Kris Johns  29:14  
No without let our listeners know where can they more find out about you and where can they see your designs?

Kelci Cabana  29:20  
Awesome. Yes, so I started on Instagram so it's hotter period and period gray is our Instagram page you see all of the past designs I have a highlight section where you can review pricing and customs that I've done and things of that and you know some fun customer photos. Those are always awesome to get. And then I also have a Facebook VIP page where you can see you know more Day in the Life pictures of our restaurant. Posting you know, just a regular day. Maybe it's not a Disney day but every day is more magical and that's also hunter and for a VIP so those are great resources to see what I've done so far.

Vanessa Ferguson  29:59  
Great and I We'll make sure to put links to both of those in our show notes. And we're really excited to be able to share more about your business with our listeners.

Kelci Cabana  30:08  
I greatly appreciate it. I'm so happy that

Vanessa Ferguson  30:10  
I got to talk to you guys today. Thank you again for joining us.

Kelci Cabana  30:14  
Of course, thank you.

Kris Johns  30:16  
And again, thank you to Kelsey for joining us today. And remember, folks, she has an awesome code this love gets you 10% off every order in her store while the code is active. So don't wait. If you're looking to buy something awesome, especially for the holiday season or for some buddy's birthday, or you want to get something totally unique that nobody else has. Go to Kelsey store and use the code does love to get 10% off.

Vanessa Ferguson  30:42  
And now we are going to go to our final segments of the show our two minute trivia and our wisdom from wild quote. So Kris, you are up with our trivia.

Kris Johns  30:52  
All right, Vanessa, I have two awesome trivia questions about the baby care centers and babies. Okay, so for the first one, this might be a little easy. I didn't know it. Who is the what companies the official sponsor of the baby care centers in Disney World?

Vanessa Ferguson  31:11  
Oh, you know, I wouldn't have known this. But I was putting together pictures for this. And I saw I think it's Huggy you are exactly correct. I saw signs.

Kris Johns  31:20  
Now this next one. I have really no official stats for okay, but there is a number out on the internet. How many babies human babies because this is where the internet doesn't help you out very much. Okay, are have been born at Disney.

Vanessa Ferguson  31:37  
Um, is this in a year or like,

Kris Johns  31:40  
since it's been open the inception of Disney World Disneyland? Um, let's go with 30. Actually, it's a according to the internet a 10th of that.

Vanessa Ferguson  31:50  
Well, only three,

Kris Johns  31:51  
three babies human babies have been born at Disneyland Disney World. Is this number correct? I don't know. I'm not really that strong. Leave everything on the thing I typed in how many babies have been born at Disney. It brings up a rhinoceros of all things. Because rhinoceros is not children. Right? And it still brings up the rhinoceros. But it says only three.

Vanessa Ferguson  32:14  
Wow. I guess that would make sense. So because Disney is pretty pronto about probably getting people medical attention. Well, there's

Kris Johns  32:21  
that. And I also would think too, if you're that close to labor, Disney would not be a destination.

Vanessa Ferguson  32:29  
No, I would not think so.

Kris Johns  32:31  
So variant. I thought that was very interesting.

Vanessa Ferguson  32:34  
That is interesting. And I wonder if it's true or not?

Kris Johns  32:37  
It probably isn't. But it's the best the internet can do.

Vanessa Ferguson  32:39  
Well, if you know anything that is contrary to that, please let us know. All right. And of course we are going to end with our wisdom from Walt quote. And this one of course, we've been talking about kids this episode. So I thought it'd be good to end on that childishness. I think it's the equivalent of never losing your sense of humor. I mean, there's a certain something that you retain, it's the equivalent of not getting so stuffy that you can't laugh at others. And isn't that what Disney is all about kind of getting in touch with your inner child, whether you have kids or not. We've enjoyed lots of times of adult only trips and still felt connected to our inner child and hopefully all of you feel the same way as well. So thank you so much for joining us on this episode of The DisLove podcast with Vanessa and Kris. I'm Vanessa and I'm Kris.

Kris Johns  33:34  
This podcast is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its holdings and it is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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