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DisLove E39 Epcot Quick Service and Robin with NeaterNoggin

March 05, 2020 Vanessa Ferguson and Kris Johns Season 3 Episode 39
DisLove Podcast with Vanessa and Kris
DisLove E39 Epcot Quick Service and Robin with NeaterNoggin
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Kris and Vanessa discuss quick service meal options at Epcot and are later joined by Robin from NeaterNoggin.  Robin's shop includes unique crocheted cozys, hair scrunchies, bags, Mickey Ears, luggage tags and keychains.  Use the code DISLOVE10 to receive 10 percent off your purchase in her shop.  

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Welcome to the DisLove podcast with Vanessa and Kris. I'm Vanessa Ferguson

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and I'm Kris Johns.

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We would like to welcome you to show Number 39 for any listeners joining us for the first time. Our show features things we love that dizzy, and in each episode we have a guest who creates Disney magic for our listeners at home or on their Disney vacations. From vacation planners to product producers, our guests can bring Disney magic into your life as a reminder to our listeners. We appreciate if you could take some time to leave a review for us on whatever platform you listen to the podcast on From Apple Podcast to Google play et cetera. We appreciate you taking time to leave those reviews. And, of course, any of those customer ratings were great as well. We always give our listeners or shout on future episodes of the dis love podcast, and we greatly appreciate you helping other listeners find the show. And on today's show, we will be joined by Robin from neater noggin. Her shop includes great drink, cozies, Mickey ears, key chains and luggage tags, and she has something special to share with our listeners.

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She has a promo code used the term DISLOVE10 DislOVE 10 to get 10% off your next order.

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Yes. So because she has such a great array of cozies that made me think of food. So we're gonna kind of continue on our We've looked at some of the quick service options at Magic Kingdom. Now we're going to look at some of the quick service options that are in that up car park. So when we start out, this Epcot is kind of my favorite part to visit. I know everybody's a little different, but when I think of Epcot, there's lots of different food options. So we're gonna talk about the world, showcases well as future world, which of course, is getting ready to be transformed and have a new name. But all of these air open as of time of recording, which is in early 2020. So if you listen to the show a year from now, things are always changing it up, cop. But as of right now, these are all set to remain open even with the transformation happening at the park. So one of the first places that we enjoy is a quick shout or service option is La Cantina Dayson and Go, and that is in the Mexico Pavilion. And what do you think about this one? Chris. We've eaten there where you're out on the water. Yes, Oh, Chris always likes nachos and things like that, and they have really good tacos in natural options there. One of the things that's nice is that during the day you consent on the inside, which is the regular table service restaurant in the evening, and we often go at lunchtime. So it's kind of a nice break, its air condition. They have nice bathrooms in there, and it's just kind of a nice break away, and it gives use pretty hearty meal. We've had a wide array of options on there, and I've heard I've not tried them. But I've heard that they're Mini Turow's air really good, and that kids especially like him. They have caramel sauce, and I might have to try that one time and then, of course, in the evening, if you are lucky enough to get there and stake out a place on the outdoor pavilion, you could have a great view of the Epcot nighttime show course right now as we're recording that up, cut forever. But of course it will be changing in a few months. So Mexico is definitely a good option. And because it's one of the first countries is the first country you have if you're going that direction. If depending on the world showcase, of course, opens at 11. Soga option to have an early lunch if you're just starting around the world showcase when it opens. Another one, as you continue around, is a V a Napoli pizza counter in Italy. Now we've never eaten at the walk up quick service option. We have eaten at the dining room, and I thought that pizza was pretty good. What did you think about the pizza? And so if you know anything about that, we're not going to go into a lot of detail. But the restaurant. But they bring in water from a certain area in Italy to be able to replicate the flavoring when they make the dough for the pizza. And so it's really good. The quick service is supposed to be really great, because you're able to even they have beer and wine options as well, which could be a big deal if you are not a lot of quick service offer that So Viva Napoli! The pizza counter is a great option, and I now have a new fondness for the Italy Pavilion. We did have our vow renewal there in 2018 so I like to always make us stop there. And I'm sure the pizza counter will be on one of those future trips for sure. Now, Right now, they will be opening, and I know we hope to try on a trip, and I hope this will be a future favor. Is the Regal Eagle, the barbecue that's opening at the American Adventure Pavilion? We will be trying that on a coming trip, so probably I'll be able to share some pictures in that with our listeners. But we haven't gotten to taste that yet. It did just open in February of 2020 so hopefully that will become a new favorite. But continuing around the show Kate World showcase somewhere we have been before, and this has been a few years, so this might catch you is one that you don't remember. Chris kept Sarah Grill in the Japan Pavilion. Do you remember eating back like behind more than the I didn't think so. It's kind of tucked back. If you know where they have the pond in the bridge, that's towards the front of the pavilion. Go behind that. It's a counter service and they really have some great options. The teriyaki teriyaki entrees Yaki entrees were really great. They have noodle bowls. One thing I thought was kind of unique that I tried last time we had had lunch, there was a green tea ice cream, and I do like green tea on its own, and the ice cream is pretty good as well, so they have a lot of good options. And it's something different if you don't want a pizza or burger or something that you're normally along used to Indian Park food, and I think the next one Chris would probably enjoy. You have the Tangerine Cafe and Morocco. And what are some of the things that they have in

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Morocco? Oh, my favorites, kebabs, falafel, euros. You know, I don't have a lot more to

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Yes, so they have couscous to bully. And then, of course, they have some really well known baklava, and you can get a lot of these options at the sit down restaurant there. But at the quick service, it's a nice option if you don't have a reservation of you're kind of in a hurry up next in France, we have the patisserie, and I have not taken French, and neither is Chris, so I'm not even gonna try to pronounce the full name. But if you are an avid Disney World visitor, you no doubt have probably been to the France Pavilion and tasted something here. Of course, the desserts are amazing, but they also have sandwiches and other things that you can get and one of the things that I've read. I don't know if it's true. I haven't been able to try this out is that if you're on the Disney dining plan, they will let you substitute your drink for a desert. But there are a few exceptions to that, so if you are there, I would definitely try it out. If not, it is well worth paying cash for a dessert or using a snack credit so they have some really great ham and cheese sandwiches on a baguette. Their key. She's supposed to be really, well, great as well, so I've heard that their sandwiches are amazing. I do have to admit, I've Onley eating desserts here, and we will probably we need to rectify that very soon. Especially now. They have a nice expansion. There's great seating, and it's nice whether you're trying to quit, get a quick breakfast or if you're just looking for a snack later in the day, of course, Or and I sit down. A full meal is well, I remember getting pastries and stuff in France before Chris.

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I do know

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well, we'll have to make sure we correct that cause they have great macaroons. Creme Brule A marrying Napoleon's all kinds of great stuff now, as you move towards the end of the world showcase. Last but not least, in the England Pavilion, the U K Pavilion, you have the York Shire County fish shop. We've eaten at Rose and Crown, and I've had the fish there. A lot of people, if you're not able to get a reservation in the actual sit down restaurant, people swear by just going up and getting the fish and chips air of course. It's pretty straightforward menu. They do have chicken strips there as well. But of course, if you are going there, I would hope that you're probably getting the fish.

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Know you would go for the kill. The Yorkshire County fish chef is known for the

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chicken. Right. So if you're there, if you're like Chris, maybe you're going to get the chicken tenders. If you're me, you're going to get the fish. But a great option. And then, of course, at night there's some seating where you could get a good view of that. Whatever up, Kat nighttime show is going on and we're gonna move up towards the front of the park, which is, as of right now, called Seasons Grill. Actually, before we get in, then we're gonna talk about one other option towards the front of the park as well. So if you go into the land pavilion down in the bottom, right near the entrance to soaring and also, um, to really the main part of the pavilion itself is the Seasons Grill, and there's lots of great quick surface options here. They have sandwiches and, like full sit down like full dinners like chicken dinners and pot roast. And they have Asian cuisine. Lots of dessert options. They're quite known for A lot of times I see all kinds of great cup cakes and other desserts that rotate through there. I've gotten different things over the years. It tends to change a lot, so you want to kind of scope out and see what you want in terms of desert, what's happening, what's being offered at that point in time. But we've eaten there quite a few times over the years. Down in the land, right? Yeah, so it's nice if you have a group. It's good because there's lots of different options for whatever the different tastes are within your group. They also have some I think they still offer for kids. They have, like a Nestle cookie thing, like where you they can go and make chocolate chip cookies. I'm not sure if they still have that. I'll put that in the show notes, but lots of great options. And if you're waiting on a fast pass for living with the land or for soaring, it's a good place to grab a quick bite to eat as well as in lots of different options and then another quick service option, which is kind of it's typically closer to the front of the park. But right now it's in a temporary location that technically, as you're heading into world showcase, it's the Starbucks Travelers Cafe is what it's now called as, and it's going to be there during all of the construction happening at the front of the park. So it's gonna be where the refreshment port is as you enter into a world showcase on the Canada side. I'm so like we mentioned in the Magic Kingdom show. This is a great dining plan option because you can get a sandwich and then you can have a Starbucks drink. And then, if you want it, of course, add a great pastry option or other snack as well. And ah, crowd favor. I think depending on when you're visiting, which is pretty much most the time of the year, it's covered are any of the Food festival locations. So whether it's during Food and Wine Festival in September and October Arts festival in Gion Festival of the Arts in January and February, or, of course, flower and Garden Festival, April through June and then Christmas over on the world in December, pretty much almost every month you can find those great food festival locations throughout the park. And again, I always find something I like. I turned thio. I try to do some research. There's lots of great options out there, like if you go on Disney Food Blogger and that they have great booklets you can get. I just got one from them for Flower and Garden Festival for all the food chaos. So that way you can plan ahead of what you want to get if you're going during the festival time and you do have the meal plan. Ah, lot of the options at those are snack credits, and we usually enjoy some things we've tasted were really great, and other options at the Food Festival locations that the chaos haven't been that great. I think it just depends on that's the point is to try as many as you can and see what you like and what you don't like exactly. And so we're going to get Robin on the phone with us. We're super excited to hear all about her shop. We would like to welcome Robin to the show. Her business need. Her noggin has all kinds of great products. She has cooties and hats, and she's expanded in his hair's crunchies, the eggs, Mickey ears, luggage tags and key chains. She is from Buffalo, New York, and is a pediatrician by day. She's originally from New Jersey and has a great love for Disney. She learned how to crush Shea at a young age from her family, and she's really enjoyed being able to expand in, build on her passion for Disney with her business. So we are so happy to have Robin on the show today.

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I think you're so much for having me. I'm so kind of cocktail.

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So we always like to start out with a bit of an icebreaker to learn a little bit about what you love about Disney. So today we'd like to find out who is your favorite character to meet at the parks.

spk_2:   13:32
Oh, that's hard. Um, if you'd asked me this probably about 10 years ago, I would've said Duffy, people probably even over that ISS. But he was making a teddy bear. Yeah, I loved him, But nowadays, maybe Doc Nick stuff, it's just because she's a doctor.

spk_0:   13:50
Oh, yeah. Oh, that would be off. I know.

spk_2:   13:54
It was just fun.

spk_0:   13:55
I think you could still meet Duffy in Japan and some of the other overseas.

spk_2:   13:59
I know. I need to go put on my to do list for sure.

spk_0:   14:04
And so we always like to find out. Of course, I mentioned a little bit about your business, but could you tell us a little bit about your business and some of the products and service is you offer connected to Disney.

spk_2:   14:16
Yeah. So, you know, again is, um, kind of Ah. Started out is kind of just a fun hobby for me. Something I could do after a busy day at work. Okay, But now has expanded Thio kind of include a lot of fun Disney, things that I wanted. So I wanted cruises for my coffee cup. I wanted new scrunchie. He's a family friend. Wanted, um, hand me and Mickey years. Um, so that's kind of Well, my ideas started from they've started as gifts for family and friends on, and I just kind of expanded and exploded from them. Wow.

spk_0:   14:50
So how long ago did you start that?

spk_2:   14:53
So it's been a little over a year. Half. Um, I have been making gifts for people long before that kind of all of these things. But then a CZ, I think, happens for a lot of people. Some of my family and friends said, Why don't you try and sell some of these on XY? Um, and I realize people actually like them a lot more than I expected and kind of jumped off from there. Wow, that's a lot of fun.

spk_1:   15:20
And thank you. And I guess you know the big piece. But what was that decision to finally put those items and etc like her Better? Yeah. Like, what was your the first item that you listed on Etsy?

spk_2:   15:29
So the first item my list on Etsy was actually a pair. Um, it was, ah, winter hat with Mickey years. Oh, that. They were pretty fun, but they took forever to make. Oh, but I had a bunch of people I worked with. You wanted them, so I finally said, you know what? I'm gonna put them up on, Etc. And see if they anybody is slightly interested. Um And then I started making the coup Uzis and found out that you know people love them and they're fun. And it's a cool way to bring Disney to your upper gate book. Well, you know, just wherever you're going.

spk_0:   16:02
So what are some of your favorite designs that you have out there, whether it be the Uzis or scream trees or what are some of your favorite products?

spk_2:   16:11
So I think I love some of the original crew ZIS. I have one that has, ah, stormtrooper Mickey and Minnie on it, and I you to this day thinking is the cutest thing. But I've started making some bags more recently, and there are a lot of fun because it just you can use them for everything and I bring them on trips and people seem to love him. You can also personalize them, which is always fun, you know, having things with your name or your initial on. I'm just kind of cool in different

spk_0:   16:37
right? And so do you offer custom orders? Besides, like just the customization with names, you offer custom orders and designs.

spk_2:   16:46
Yeah. D'oh! I've had some really cool custom orders that, um, you know, have ended up as products that I really love. I need one that was a Hollywood Tower Hotel luggage tag and had the like Hollywood Tower Hotel logo with the person's initial on. And it came out Sony. But it was something I probably wouldn't have done if that person hadn't asked for it. So that's always a really fun thing to D'oh. And I always try and just do that as reach out to me on Instagram or through my Etsy store and make it very easy for people to contact me with that

spk_1:   17:18
when I have to say, Doctor, I think the one rule you need thing is just how you've been able to take like you mentioned those custom requests

spk_0:   17:24
and have it come to life because it's one thing to imagine it in your mind. But then, to have a person like you bring it to life, I think it's got to be a great feeling.

spk_2:   17:32
Yeah, it's awesome, you know, and it's kind of cool how excited people are by that, You know, it's neat when people respond back that they like what I ate and like my FC items. But I think it's even more fun when you make something for someone specifically and they enjoy it so much. It's so so rewarding. Honestly,

spk_0:   17:49
Sure, sure. And if we were looking at, let's say I had upcoming Disney trip and I wanted to get an item from you. What is the typical turnaround time for your products?

spk_2:   18:01
So normally, my Etsy page says about 2 to 3 weeks, but if people reach out to me, I get things out to them as soon as possible. So I've had people who wanted by the following, like a week and 1/2 and they'll get that. I try to be really accommodating with that because I know when I'm going away. I want those things for that trip, right? So, you know, it's as long as people reach out to me on X on your instagram. I always try and accommodate that. You know pretty much there's no circumstances when I haven't been able to go right.

spk_0:   18:30
And so that kind of leads into How do you think your products can add a little bit of Disney magic to our listeners lives?

spk_2:   18:37
I think there's a lot of ways, you know, it's their small little things, like a coffee Cuzzi. I put one on my cup every day for work. And I have, um, people have bought things from me who sent me pictures all the time. And, you know, it's it's that little magic that you bring into your everyday. Um, you know, there's one thing to say and I went to Disney and I brought my Disney with me there. And another thing to be like, I have this little bag I put all my You know, my things in when I go to work or, you know, your little knickknack type stuff on. And I think that's that's the really cool thing about it, Um, this being part of this Disney world, I guess it almost you know, all these people with who are so in love with Disney. It's so neat to see how excited people get with just a little bit of Disney magic in their day,

spk_0:   19:27
for sure. And what would you say is your most popular item because you do offer the different types of products? What's your most popular product?

spk_2:   19:36
I would say it's probably the cozies and depending on the time of year, kind of depends on which one is most popular. Around the holidays, I had a ton of people who wanted holiday inspired Uzis. I did a Mickey Mouse Halloween one, and that one was a big hit. Um, I think it's probably because they are so easily accessible and musical. You know how many of let's go to Starbucks every day? And you, you know, you throw your little bit of Disney on that? It's a little bit more fun.

spk_1:   20:07
So you mentioned earlier your

spk_0:   20:09
could you just give people the websites and the handles that use on social media?

spk_2:   20:13
Yes, I'm coming. It's the same thing on Facebook, and my Etsy is etc dot com. Backslash nature not

spk_0:   20:24
awesome. And we will make sure we'll share all of your products on our We'll share your links to all of your different product pages and get all of your great pictures out to our listeners. And we really appreciate you taking time to be on the show with us today.

spk_2:   20:39
Awesome. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it.

spk_0:   20:42
And thank you again to Robin from neater noggin for joining us today.

spk_1:   20:46
And again, that code is Diz Love 10. Use that code to save 10% off your next order.

spk_0:   20:53
And of course, we will always end our show with our trivia and our wisdom from Walt Quote. So, Chris, you're up next with trivia.

spk_1:   21:01
Perfect. So I get according to our friends on Yelp, what is the top rated restaurant in a cut? Oh, man. I would say

spk_0:   21:16
it's probably something in the world showcase.

spk_1:   21:18
You were correct. I don't want that means, but I'm just gonna agree with where all the countries Yeah, Yeah. Um, I'll give you a hit, okay? It shares a country with a cooking. Rhett. Oh, then that's easy. My sure, Paul, you were homesick, Correct?

spk_0:   21:42
Whoa. Yeah, We

spk_2:   21:44
got a

spk_0:   21:44
chance to eat there. I

spk_1:   21:45
remember the cappuccino potatoes, and I don't remember much. So that's it operated restaurant you sent according to Yelp.

spk_0:   21:51
Nice. Yes. Oh, definitely interesting to

spk_1:   21:55
hear. There's a lot of great restaurants, so especially when you're looking to sit down. So hopefully

spk_0:   22:00
you get a chance to try some of those yourself. And of course, we're gonna end with our wisdom from Walt. And with all the work going on with that cuts transformation this year and in the next few years, it really made me think about Walt's visions for the parks. Now it's always evolving and changing. So this quote, of course, is about Disneyland. But it's something that I think holds true, especially as we look at the AP cock transformation. Disney Land will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world. And that is so true, the park's air continuing to grow. And the next couple of years. I'm excited to see all the changes as the 50th anniversary comes about for Disney World and so many new fun, exciting attractions and things opening at the parks. So thank you so much for joining us on this episode of the Desslok podcast with Vanessa and Chris. I'm Vanessa.

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I'm Chris. This podcast is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its holdings, and it is intended for entertainment purposes only.